Live! Arts have released a video of a recent interview with the prominent Black Lives Matter UK activist, Joshua Virasami.

In the video, Virasami explains the BLM movement’s US origins and his views on many issues, including police brutality in The US vs The UK (“the trend is the same, the violence is the same”) , the role of music and art in policital movements (“It’s the lifeblood – without it, there is no movement”), Theresa May, Donald Trump , ‘All Lives Matter’ and much more.

He also speaks about his work with the UK chapter of BLM, including last year’s direct action protests that blocked roads to several UK airports – protests that drew international attention to BLMUK and – as he puts it – ‘broke the internet’ on that day.

Check out the video at the top of the page for the highlights… once you’re done there, watch the full in-depth interview below. You can also explore Live Arts audio archive here.

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