I had no idea what I was about to experience when watching Double Date.

All I knew that it was a comedy, but it turned out to be a dark comedy taking slasher horror from a very bland aesthetic to something violent but brimming with character.

Jim (played by Danny Morgan, who also wrote the script) is a hapless twenty something trying to desperately lose his virginity, while his friend Alex (Michael Socha) is determined to oblige him on the eve of his thirtieth birthday.

Little does Jim know that their double date are accomplished serial killer sisters. Kitty (Kelly Wenham) is the zealous one taking glee in the kill while Lulu (Georgia Groome) is a lot more reluctant to take part.

Comedy horror film Double Date is directed by Benjamin Barfoot
Comedy horror film Double Date is directed by Benjamin Barfoot

Without spoiling the experience, it contains one of my favourite fight scenes this year. Largely because it isn’t smooth, slick or clean. It’s messy, funny and brilliantly put together by stunt performer Levan Doran.

The script manages to balance threat, humour and wit throughout. Even in the final, third where it’s very easy to fall into cliche phrases, everything feels on point. A special mention goes to the actors who play Jim’s family, they almost stole the movie as it added a bit of much-needed levity.

Overall, Double Date – directed by Benjamin Barfoot –  has all the talent to be at very least a cult classic and at the most a sleeper hit. Go see it with a few friends if you want to avoid the usual Halloween schtick!

Double Date is out in cinemas from Friday 13th October.

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