A brave public-spirited dad went to the aid of a woman who had been violently dragged to the ground by a bag snatcher and took a photo of the robber last October which helped West Midlands Police trace the offender.

The victim was walking to work in Douglas Road, Acocks Green, at 8am on 26 October 2019 when she became aware of a woman walking behind her.

That woman was serial thief Rachel Bloore.

Rachel Bloore pleaded guilty and jailed for 3 years for robbery

Moments later Bloore – who has 10 convictions to her name for theft and burglary – lunged for the 55-year-old’s bag and tried ripping it from her shoulder.

She slapped the victim in the face and eventually ran off with the handbag when its strap snapped.

However, a member of the public saw what happened and, after helping the woman to her feet, chased the mugger and found her nearby rummaging through the bag.

He recovered the bag and also demanded Bloore, of no fixed address, give back two mobile phones she tried hiding in her pockets.

The 26-year-old man returned the stolen items and passed the image of Bloore to the police.

This photo helped police to identify serial thief Rachel Bloore

West Midlands Police detectives recognised her immediately and on 12 November 2019 arrested her from an address in Poole Farm Road, Acocks Green, after police had appealed for information on her whereabouts.

Police investigators charged the 33-year-old with robbery and at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday (3rd February) she was jailed for three years after admitting the offence.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Claire Smith, praised the man’s actions. She added:

“He was walking to collect his child when he heard screaming and noticed the victim on the ground. She suffered a cut lip and grazes but thankfully wasn’t seriously hurt.

“These days you expect people to just take out their phone and start filming. But this man leapt into action, checked the woman was OK and ran after Bloore.

“He did a brilliant job and secured a photo of the offender which allowed us to quickly identify Bloore. Congratulations to him…he can rightly be proud.”

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