More than 300 motorists were caught speeding during a police crackdown on reckless drivers on West Midlands roadways as the coronavirus lockdown continues.

Officers from the Central Motorway Police Group have carried out a month-long operation to halt dangerous drivers who put lives at risk on the region’s major routes.

West Midlands Police apprehended 338 reckless and dangerous drivers for speeding offences during a month-long operation in May.

The coronavirus lockdown has left many of the streets, roads, and highways of the West Midlands in an almost deserted state which has proved a temptation to some thoughtless drivers. The speeds registered by these offending motorists has shocked members of the transport police.

Some of those caught violating speed limits and putting lives at risk registered speeds that included 117mph, 120mph, and 125mph.

Those caught speeding were issued with penalty points and a fine or reported for summons to appear in court for their crimes.

Police have also stepped up the campaign against “covidiot” louts who terrorize local residents with off-road bikes which have been causing a nuisance on near-deserted lockdown streets in Birmingham.

Pedestrians have been put at risk by the riders, and the loud noise of the engines has traumatized families with little children, including pets.

Police helicopters and drones are out searching for any illegal and anti-social activity involving scramblers and quad-bikes on residential streets and parks.

Some of the bikes confiscated by West Midlands Police have already  been crushed and destroyed.

Police seized several quads and off-roaders from anti-social riders over the Easter weekendWMP
Police have seized several quads and off-roaders from anti-social riders across Birmingham

Irresponsible driving increases the risk of serious, or fatal, collisions which increases the strain on the already busy and exhausted staff of the NHS who are courageously leading the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

West Midland Police said officers would continue the campaign against speeding drivers who bring danger to the streets of the West Midlands. Any driver caught violating the law and putting people at risk will be dealt with in the harshest manner possible.

Anyone who would like to report speeding issues and illegal off-road bike activity please contact West Midlands Police via Live Chat. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

For further information and advice about the speeding law, click here.

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