A Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club player has written a book about tackling mental health struggles in relation to the national sport.

Winger Aquile Smith has published ‘Rugby Insight: Mental Health to Mental Wealth’, which focuses on raising awareness and countering some of the stigma around mental health in sport and more specifically, rugby.

Aquile Smith wrote 'Rugby Insight' to "normalise and de-stigmatise mental health" strugglesA.N.SMITH
Aquile Smith wrote ‘Rugby Insight’ to “normalise and de-stigmatise mental health” struggles

Looking into rugby culture and future directions it could take, Rugby Insight cuts sharply into a very realistic issue and poses some thought-provoking discussions.

Sharing the psychology behind the book, Author Aquile said: “I wrote the book earlier in the year using my experience and knowledge to try and normalise and de-stigmatise mental health in and around rugby.

“After several lockdowns, rugby has been hit massively in the leagues below the Premiership. The impact of these is not just financial but emotional, with several people being unable to engage in a sport that has been vital to several communities for years.

“My aim is for the book to help people who are struggling at this time and let them know that what they’re feeling is normal.”

Aquile Smith is a player for the Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club Harish Chavda
Aquile Smith is a player for the Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club

Aquile, who also has a business a counselling and coaching business to focuses on awareness raising, is driven in his aim of tackling mental health directly by helping players, coaches and people adjust their lifestyles and mentality towards the issue.

Terry Davies, vice president at Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club, said: “We’re so proud of Aquile and his achievements on and off the pitch and this book is a phenomenal read – he should be very pleased with himself.

“Lockdown has been difficult on everyone, and as rugby is such a massive part of everyone’s life here, not being able to play has been tough. However, Aquile’s book should help those who are struggling, so if you want a captivating read that’s also helpful, buy this one!”

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