A suspected drug dealer got a rude awakening when police raided his flat on Thursday (10 December) where officers recovered a loaded gun and shotgun, and a carrier bag half-full with a white powder thought to be Class A drugs.

Detectives executed a warrant at the flat in Green Road, Hall Green just after 2pm and found the target sound asleep in bed.

The 27-year-old man screamed at the detectives saying they wouldn’t “find anything dodgy in the property” as a search was conducted while the suspect squirmed in bed according to police.

A police spokesperson confirmed that within minutes the search led to the discovery of a carrier bag half-full with a white powder, digital weighing scales, blades, and dealer bags.

The police also recovered a loaded 8mm handgun in a bag alongside a shotgun and cartridges.

The suspected drug dealer was arrested and handcuffed in his bed by police as his flat was searched

The suspect was immediately arrested on suspicion of possessing banned firearms and possessing drugs with intent to supply. He remains in police custody.

The guns will be examined by ballistics experts to see if they can link them to any shootings in the West Midlands or elsewhere in the UK.

“This is a very large quantity of white powder which we will be testing to determine if it is Class A drugs. The powder was recovered alongside drugs paraphernalia like digital scales, dealer bags and razor blades,” said Detective Inspector Gemma Currie.

She added: “The firearms have been confirmed as viable, live firing weapons. That’s two deadly weapons taken off the streets and potentially lives saved.”


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