Police officers had to laugh after being called out to investigate reports of a man being walked on a lead by another man, only to discover it was actually two men taking their pet owl for an early morning “stroll”.

West Midlands Police officer PC Oscar Finney turned up to Hill Street in the Black Country following reports of suspicious behaviour in the area in the early hours of Monday morning, but was left pleasantly surprised after making acquaintance with a new feathered friend.

PC Finney had been on patrol around the area at around 2.20am when the force received a call suggesting a man was walking another man on a lead.

As surreal and bizarre as it sounded, the officer headed to Brierley Hill to investigate but was even more stunned when he realised the reality of what had actually been reported, two men taking an owl for a walk.

A caller had alerted the police after believing the pair were in danger of being hit by traffic, but response officer Finney was left amused upon discovering the bird and that it appeared to have taken a liking to him, perching itself above his head.

Staff Reporter | I Am Birmingham

He said: “The bird was tethered by a piece of rope and perched on one of their shoulders – so from a distance it appeared that one man had a lead around his neck.

“I was patrolling in the area on my night shift so popped along to check out what was happening – and the next thing I knew the owl was on my head.

“One of the more bizarre jobs I’ve attended. I was there for just a few minutes and, after speaking to the men, continued on my patrols.”

The attending officers caught the moment on camera.Due to the nature of the ‘incident’, officers joked they “felt it was only right to ‘tweet’ about the incident!”.

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