A violent teenage pervert who repeatedly raped and abused a young girl – and threatened to kill her – has been jailed after the police child abuse team uncovered a catalogue of sadistic attacks.

Kyle Pugh subjected the girl to four years of terrifying torment which included coercive control, physical attacks – slapping, biting and punching – and vicious sexual assaults.

The sexual predator, now aged 19, carried out a long line of shocking and disturbing sexual attacks against his young victim.

Throughout the relationship he was controlling towards her and would dictate what she wore and not allow her to wear makeup. He also assaulted her on a regular basis by pulling her hair, biting her and slapping her.

Pugh would often lash out at the traumatised girl on numerous occasions having accused her, without evidence, of cheating with other men.

On one occasion he hit her with a vacuum pole to her legs, another time he launched a brutal attack using a games controller. He also punched her in the face after she received a friend request from a male on social media.

He would continually check the girl’s phone and social media accounts. The aggressive scrutiny and control made her fearful to seek help.

Friends and family noticed injuries on the girl, including bruises and a black eye, but she told them she had head-butted a lamppost and claimed to be clumsy in an attempt to hide her injuries.

Pugh stopped the girl from reporting the abuse, creating an environment of fear and even threatening to kill her, once telling her: “You think you will come out of this alive?”.

However the poor victim finally built up the courage to report the ordeal, after she ended the relationship with Pugh, and bravely contacted the police child abuse team in December 2021.

The Child Abuse Investigation Team immediately began making inquiries and specially trained officers from the Public Protection Unit supported the girl through the investigation.

Kyle Pugh from Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, raped and beat his young victim over several yearsWMP
19-year-old Kyle Pugh from Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, raped and beat his young victim over several years

Pugh, of Chelmsley Wood, was jailed for 13 years at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday (8 July) after being found guilty of three counts of rape, sexual assault, making a threat to kill and coercive control.

He was also found guilty of two counts of actual bodily harm and putting a person in fear of violence by harassment.

Detective Constable Laura Rogers, from the Child Abuse Investigation Team, said: “Pugh’s cruelty and controlling behaviour is inexcusable. He isolated the girl from her family and friends, and caused her to doubt her own mind during his years of abuse.

“When he raped her, she made it absolutely clear she was not consenting, but he persevered nonetheless.

“There are no excuses or grey areas when it comes to rape – if someone says no, then it is a criminal offence and our officers will persevere in bringing offenders to justice.

“Despite him tormenting and terrifying her, the girl has shown immense bravery in coming forward and supporting this prosecution. It’s thanks to her incredible courage that Pugh has received the punishment he richly deserves.”

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