People have been left aghast after pictures were shared of a major Birmingham city centre street looking untidy with trash, urine and faeces littering the pavement and walls.

Hurst Street, a major hub in Birmingham’s South Side district, was left looking like “a shanty town” say Brummies who’ve seen the shocking pictures over the weekend.

The photograph, shared by Birmingham resident Mian Saleem Naqshbandi, reveals the famous city centre street in a disgraceful and grimy mess as the city prepares itself to unveil the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Mr Naqshbandi shared the picture on a Facebook community page and said: “This is Birmingham. Every morning the city centre streets are littered with rubbish like this.

“Empty fast food containers, paper, plastic and glass bottles, general sh*t thrown on the streets by people who apparently come to down to have a good time.

“What a disgrace…”

Mr Naqshbandi, added: “I haven’t included pictures of walls and pavement covered with vomit and urine and human faeces! Disgusting.”

People took to social media and shared their thoughts after seeing the grubby condition of Hurst Street.

Mishelle Keany, said: “It’s been like that for years. Stinks of urine, vomit and sh*t, early Saturday and Sunday mornings.”

Diane King, said: “Disgraceful, and shame on people for doing this.”

Birmingham's Hurst Street strewn with garbage ahead of the Commonwealth Games 2022Mian Saleem Naqshbandi
Birmingham’s Hurst Street strewn with garbage ahead of the Commonwealth Games 2022

Robin Malik compared the state of Birmingham city centre to other countries and said: “Disgusting. I was in Turkey, and it was spotless. Morocco is spotless, and even some parts of Pakistan are spotless.

“How is the city centre of Birmingham like this?”

Nasreen Khan, added: “The council cleaners come out every morning and night and they do a great job, but the piles of garbage builds up all day long. Me and my children are always sidestepping litter when we come to town.

“We need long term solutions to the filthy state of city centre streets.”

Some people suggested solutions such as the addition of more bins, and also regular emptying of city centre bins.

Speaking to I Am Birmingham, Jennifer Barnes said: “Most of the bins along New Street and around the Bullring get filled up fast.

“Folk end up piling rubbish at the top and bottom of overflowing bins, or just throwing it on the pavements. We definitely need more bins, and also public toilets near night clubs and pubs.

“Some of the side streets off Colmore Row and New Street reek of urine. I’ve even seen doorways and passages smeared and streaked with faeces.”

Another serious concern raised by those who’ve seen the picture of Hurst Street cluttered with trash and human waste is the image of Birmingham to visitors who are coming for the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Adam Muhammed, said: “Sad to see that our city will get a bad image, specially during the Games.”

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