A child was discovered wandering alone in a Birmingham street by a refuse collection crew in the early hours of the morning. 

The little boy was spotted walking alone in Charles Road, Small Heath, around 6:50am on Wednesday (5 April).

The shocked refuse collection team immediately paused their work and went to the aid of the youngster and took care of him.

The little boy told the crew – comprising of two bin collectors and a driver  – that he was “lost”.

The refuse crew quickly wrapped the lad in a hi-vis jacket to keep him warm in the chilly morning temperatures as they waited for police to arrive.

A local resident, writing on a Small Heath Facebook page, stated that the child appeared to be about “4-years-old, had blonde curly hair” and in the 40 or so minutes of the situation as the heroic bin crew transferred the child to the  cabin of the refuse truck to keep him safe and warm, nobody came looking for the lost child.

Police praised the actions of the refuse collection team, and Cllr Majid Mahmood – head of the refuse service at Birmingham City Council – also commended the workers for their quick actions.

Cllr Mahmood, said: “Huge respect to the refuse collection crew who took care of a lost child until the police arrived today.

“It happened in Small Heath this morning during their collection rounds.

“The boy was wandering alone on the road seemingly lost.

“I sincerely hope the child is reunited with his family, and would like to place on record my thanks to the crew for their care and affection towards the boy.”

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