A dangerous far-right terrorist who planned to carry out attacks against ethnic minorities, including British Muslims, has been sent to a Young Offender’s Institution for his crimes. 

Vaughn Dolphin, 20, was jailed for 8-and-a-half years at Birmingham Crown Court on Thursday 11 May.

Following an investigation by counter terrorism police, Vaughn Dolphin – from Walsall Wood Road in Aldridge – was arrested on 27 June 2022 at an address in Cheshire on suspicion of terrorism offences.

The dangerous far right terrorist “hated Muslims and plotted to shoot minorities”WMP
The dangerous far-right terrorist “hated Muslims and plotted to shoot minorities”

Officers working on this shocking case discovered Dolphin had turned his garden shed – which was decorated with Nazi insignia – into a weapons factory where he was manufacturing explosives and firearms using various material including nitrocellulose which is used to make shotgun cartridges, and upon checking the fridge in his bedroom police found bomb-making chemicals.

An inert grenade and mortar, a decommissioned rife, machine gun rounds and a homemade gun were retrieved from Dolphin’s home.

The dangerous terrorist had also ordered sulphur and saltpetre from Amazon with a view to making gunpowder.

The terrorist had organised a space at his Walsall home into a weapons factoryWMP
The terrorist had organised a space at his Walsall home and turned it into a weapons factory

Dolphin was found guilty of six offences relating to the possession and distribution of terrorist manuals and offences of possessing chemical to make explosive material.

He was also convicted of two further charges of disseminating a terrorist publication, being reckless as to whether terrorist activity would be encouraged, as well as a charge of possession of a firearm.

Dolphin had a lot of interest in terrorist incidents such as the horrific New Zealand mass shooting where 51 Muslim worshippers were killed in cold blood as they prayed at a mosque.

Police discovered a plethora of decommissioned grenades, bullets and other material in the terrorist's homeWMP
Police discovered a plethora of decommissioned grenades, bullets and other material in the terrorist’s home

He was found in possession of the infamous video of the killings which was filmed by the Islamophobic killer. Dolphin shared the notorious film on a private social media chatroom and commented “Shame it doesn’t have the music”.

In a vile post shared on a far-right social media chatroom, he vented his Islamophobia by ranting “God, I hate Muslims”.

In another controversial private group chat with fellow far-right extremists, Dolphin shared a disturbing video made by racist killer Peyton Gendron who carried out a mass shooting last year at a supermarket in New York which resulted in the tragic murder of 10 black people.

Dolphin was found in possession of the shooter’s manifesto in which Gendron urged his followers to “accept death, embrace infamy”.

Dolphin crafted homemade body armour in his workshopWMP
Dolphin crafted homemade body armour in his weapons workshop

Amongst the sickening views held by Dolphin was that people from an ethnic minority background who “act like decent white people” would be allowed to live following a race war, but “the monkeys that chimp out in Minnesota should be shot”.

Dolphin plotted to start a race war and in one disturbing message on a group chat he wrote”People will get sick of Black Lives Matter and that is when violence will flare. I am going to make and sell weapons but to the Base side”. The “Base side” is a reference to a far-right group.

Additionally, he uploaded selfie videos to far-right groups via encrypted social media platforms such as Telegram in which he wore a gas mask while attempting to make explosives in his kitchen.

During the court trial a video was shown to the jury of Dolphin wearing homemade body armour adorned with Nazi symbols.

Vaughn Dolphin, from Walsall, said minorities "should be shot"WMP
Vaughn Dolphin has been sent to a Young Offender’s Institution for his series of terrorism offences

Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Payne, head of Counter Terrorism Policing West Midlands, said: “Dolphin had claimed he had an interest in chemicals and military memorabilia however he combined a toxic extremist mindset, sharing right wing material online with the real-world acquisition of explosive material and homemade weapons.

“His mindset is one of a dangerous individual equipping themselves to harm others who did not look like him or who he disagreed with.

“Extremists use this kind of ideology to create discord, distrust and fear among our communities, our work to target dangerous individuals continues.”

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