Local parents have been left shaken after an 11-year-old girl and a 15-year-boy were seriously injured after being shot on May Bank Holiday Monday in a residential area of Wolverhampton.

Emergency services were called to Shelley Road, Bushbury – near a primary school – just after 3pm yesterday (1 May) afternoon when shots were fired.

Ambulance crews attended to a 15-year-old boy who had been shot in the leg, while an 11-year-old girl – also shot – was discovered in nearby parkland off Shelley Road and taken to hospital by air ambulance to have a bullet removed from her leg.

The two children remain in hospital in a stable condition as police carry out an investigation to find out what type of gun was used in the shootings.

Police stated that shortly after the shots were fired two cars, a suspected stolen black Mini and a grey Ford Focus, were reported in a chase in the Bushbury area.

Detectives later found the Mini abandoned in Third Avenue and it has been seized for forensic opportunities.

A police spokesperson appealed for to the public for any information: “We’d ask anyone who was in the Bushbury area yesterday afternoon to check their dashcam and doorbell footage as they may be able to assist with our on-going enquiries.”

The shocking incident took place close to Elston Hall Primary School.

A local resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, told I Am Birmingham about her concerns following the disturbing incident: “My son goes to Elston Hall, and he was playing in the park where the poor girl was shot. Thank goodness he wasn’t there when the shooting happened.

“Even though my little one didn’t witness the shootings he’s in a real state after hearing about what happened.

“I feel so sorry for the two kids who were went through this horror. It’ll take years for the psychological scars to heal.

“Parents around here live in fear of armed drug gangs who speed about in fancy cars.

“We need more police patrols.”

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