A desperate online prankster who has been described as a “creep” for trespassing into the private homes of families in London for clout, has been banned from popular social media platforms TikTok and YouTube.

Teenager Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, 18, had his account removed from TikTok after a video of him invading a family’s home in the capital, attracted 1.5million views and a barrage of complaints.

Following a public outcry and the resurgence of his older prank videos, his YouTube account has also been removed from the international video sharing website.

Known publicly as Secret Mizzy, the serial trespasser – who has unlawfully forced his way into private spaces within schools, restaurants and supermarkets – has been condemned by viewers from across the world for his controversial actions.

Among his derided antics, he has published videos of himself harassing members of the public, pouncing on them and running away with their pets.

TikTok and YouTube have removed the accounts of Bacari Ogarro, who randomly walked into a family home in London for social media cloutTikTok
TikTok and YouTube have removed the accounts of Bacari Ogarro – known as ‘Secret Mizzy’ – who randomly walked into a family home in London for social media clout

The content creator’s latest viral video starts with three young men in tracksuits saying in unison “walking into random houses, let’s go”, before illegally trespassing into a family home where they’re confronted by the owner who asks them to leave. Despite the polite request, ‘Mizzy’ decides to explore the house and films himself sitting on the family’s sofa.

The concerned homeowner and a child can be clearly seen in the footage, despite not having consented to being filmed and broadcast to Ogarro’s online followers. The three lads finally exit the property, no doubt leaving the family shaken.

Responding to criticism about going too far, Ogarro argued, “Too far? In whose eyes? I do what I’ve been doing and I know the repercussions of the things I do. Perhaps it was a bit far, however I don’t encourage anyone to repeat my actions.”

A TikTok spokesperson confirmed to The Independent that Ogarro’s account was removed for violating their Community Guidelines.

Although Bacari ‘Secret Mizzy’ Ogarro’s TikTok and YouTube accounts have now been removed, many are calling for the provocative young adult to be banned from other social media sites including Instagram, where he has 79,000 followers.

Incidents and arrests

Earlier this month, it was reported Bacari Ogarro had been removed from a Tesco Express store in Romford, after trespassing into the staff area and exploring the backroom.

‘Secret Mizzy’, who says he is from Dalston, captioned the since deleted video of the incident with the words: “Tesco backrooms are massive”. The video had been seen over 45,000 times.

Bacari 'Secret Mizzy' Ogarro has filmed himself trespassing in schools, stores and family homes TikTok / SecretMizzy
Bacari ‘Secret Mizzy’ Ogarro has filmed himself trespassing in schools, stores and family homes

In January, Ogarro was arrested for assault after he posted a series of videos that appear to show him harassing Jews.

In one video, he can be seen sneaking up behind a young Charedi man at a bus stop, before physically pouncing on him. In another, he is seen cycling while wearing a religious hat and declaring, “Guys I’m a f**king Jew.”

Ogarro also filmed himself and a friend entering the home of a Jewish family, where a man wearing a Jewish prayer shawl and two children can be seen in the kitchen, seemingly unaware of the frightening home invasion.

Following the incident, Ogarro posted a follow-up video to YouTube in which he claims he was held by police for 36 hours “for a TikTok”. The Met Police confirmed Ogarro was arrested for racially aggravated assault but charged with criminal damage.

Bacari Ogarro's 'Secret Mizzy' YouTube channel shows videos of him harassing members of the public YouTube / Secret Mizzy
Bacari Ogarro’s ‘Secret Mizzy’ YouTube channel shows videos of him harassing members of the public
Bacari Ogarro's 'Secret Mizzy' YouTube channel has been removed YouTube
Bacari Ogarro’s ‘Secret Mizzy’ YouTube channel has since been removed

In other TikTok reels, some with three million views, ‘Mizzy’ appears to record himself trespassing in numerous stores, riding bicycles inside job centres and supermarkets; and deliberately harassing random members of the public.

In one video following this format, he can be seen walking into the kitchen area of a takeaway restaurant, stealing food and harassing staff members, filming with his phone against their wishes, and breaking food health, hygiene & safety protocols.

He has also recorded himself sneaking and trespassing inside schools and colleges, uploading videos with titles including “Deliberately filming in people’s faces” and “Trespassing in as many shops as possible”.

The Londoner had more than 30,000 followers on YouTube before his account was removed earlier today, and over 79,000 followers on Instagram, which is dubbed ‘Mizzygram‘ and still displays many of his shocking pranks.

TikTok response

Bacari 'Secret Mizzy' Ogarro has been banned from TikTok TikTok
Bacari ‘Secret Mizzy’ Ogarro has been banned from TikTok

Outrage and backlash

Members of the public have taken to social media to express their outage at the actions of Bacari Ogarro.

One woman tweeted “If anyone sees this lad give him a slap, what an actual creep walking into people’s houses with kids there, knocking on women’s door intimidating them on their doorstep all in the name of a VIRAL TIKTOK thing, gives idiots the excuse to copy.”

Another tweeter noted “the British live-streamer who walked into a random house to harass the people living there stole a person’s dog at the park for clout.”

Another user congratulated TikTok for removing Ogarro’s account and urged YouTube to follow suit. The sentiment was similarly echoed by a number of other users this week. Only a few hours ago, YouTube banned Ogarro from its platform.

Under his Instagram posts, Ogarro has attracted a barrage of condemnation with users commenting, “You might not realise this now, but by the time your a big man you’ll regret half of the decisions your making now that will affect your future.”

Another user also wrote: “Setting black people back with the stupid s***”; followed by a comment warning: “Careful bro. Don’t sell out too big companies offering you the world.”

Under a photo shared on his Instagram appearing to show Mizzy being escorted away by police officers, a commenter wrote: “Is this because you filmed yourself stealing a dog from an elderly lady? Did you give it back?

“Because that’s a piece of shit thing to do and even if it’s just a desperate attempt for attention you’ve still put a pensioner through the trauma and stress of a mugging. I hope a stint in jail helps you learn to grow out of being this childish.”

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