A deaf performer from Birmingham is bringing his successful show exploring themes of ableism and racism to his home city this weekend.

Starring talented Brummie actor, artist and comedian Rinkoo Barpaga, audiences will join him in his journey through adolescence as he challenges perceptions of the deaf community.

Heading on tour after a phenomenal run at The Edinburgh Fringe 2022, Made in (India) Britain shares a poignant story of South Asian Deaf people living in Britain.

Performed in British Sign Language with a live voiceover, Made in India Britain will delve deep into past experiences and touch on themes of self-discovery, identity and belonging.

Deaf performer Rinkoo Barpaga explores themes of ableism, racism and identity in Made in (India) Britain Supplied
Deaf performer Rinkoo Barpaga explores themes of ableism, racism and identity in Made in (India) Britain

Inspired by his mother’s storytelling, Rinkoo Barpaga tells a story that is common to many second-generation migrants living in urban locations.

Made in (India) Britain is his journey – his reaction to the discrimination he has faced, moments when he has felt settled, fleeting moments of acceptance, the fear of what may be coming next and the prejudice that is only just around the corner.

“My story is an untold story from deep within my soul. I’m so excited to go out on tour,” Rinkoo explains.

“I’m full of energy and ready to go. I’m looking forward to seeing new venues, new surroundings and meeting new audiences. I can’t wait – bring it on!”

Described as a “A truly brilliant piece of theatre” and “urban sign-language symphony” by Neuro Diverse Review, the performance piece has been touring the UK since April and arrives in Birmingham this weekend, showing at the Rep theatre; before heading to Sheffield and London.

“Made in (India) Britain considers how you become who you are and where you belong,” a spokesperson for the production said.

“Throughout life, people influence our decisions and ways of thinking, from primary school teachers to TV presenters. All these impact and shape perspective, which is what the tour aims to provide its audiences with.”

The show is on at the Birmingham Repertory (REP) Theatre on Friday 2 June and Saturday 3 June. You can book tickets here.

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