West Midlands Police have made a series of arrests during a crackdown on antisocial street racing where dangerous drivers use the region’s roads as race tracks and put other motorists and pedestrians at risk.

The crackdown comes at a time when the number of people injured or killed due to reckless and illegal racing is rising.

The dangerous drivers apprehended in the police crackdown have been arrested for breaching a High Court injunction which bans street racing.

In the last two months six antisocial and dangerous drivers have been arrested, say police.

More arrests are to follow as police teams target antisocial drivers who cause mayhem and distress, and accidents, while cruising dangerously.

Punishment for those found guilty includes two years in prison, a fine of up £5,000, and having their high performance cars seized.

The latest technology is being used by police to tackle street racing in the regionWMP
The latest technology is being used by police to tackle street racing in the region

A police spokesperson, said: “Our officers are routinely on patrol and ready to act on information about illegal gatherings and meets planned across the region.

“We won’t tolerate illegal street racing or cruising on the region’s roads.

“People have been killed and seriously injured at these types of events in the past and our ultimate aim is to keep people safe.”

Police crackdown on speeding drivers in the West MidlandsWMP
Police have vowed to target dangerous and antisocial drivers who use roads as race tracks

The spokesperson, added: “We have the power to arrest suspects or issue Section 59 notices which means a vehicle can be seized if spotted being driven recklessly again within 12 months.

“Our priority is keeping the roads safe for all.

“We encourage friends, families and neighbours of those driving anti-socially or attending to watch racing to challenge this unacceptable behaviour before more people get harmed.”

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