Police officers in Solihull arrested a teenage boy today on suspicion of robbery.

The 17-year-old was arrested following a robbery in Tudor Grange Park where another teenage boy was approached by a group, who assaulted him and stole his phone.

Police confirmed the 17-year-old offender remains in custody at this time.

“We know how terrifying being a victim of robbery is and catching offenders and keeping our streets safe is a priority for us.

“We’re carrying out regular activity to reduce robberies and all crime. We’re also continuously looking at how we can better respond and further help victims.

“We are continuing to target those who commit these awful crimes that can leave a lasting impact on victims.”

Officers added that individuals out and about remain vigilant.

“Offenders will often prey on vulnerable members of society and use threats, and sometimes violence, to take what isn’t theirs.

“Robbery remains a force priority and our work continues. We are working around the clock to bring offenders to justice.”

Police urged anyone who has been a victim of theft, or know someone who has, to contact them here to find out more.

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