Chris Unitt and Pete Ashton at the Birmingham Bullring CiB Shop
Created in Birmingham's Chris Unitt and Pete Ashton outside the CiB shop

We’ve just been filming at the Bullring CiB shop as their offiical un-launch of the store gets underway.

It’s been three long months since the store opened, attracting a wealth of Birmingham-based  artistic talent and generating a great deal of local interest and custom.

Birmingham 'Painting with Light' artist Sonia Bhamra
Sonia Bhamra

We spoke to a few of the stall holders and creative folk who’ve been selling their wares, including city artist Matt Murtagh, who spoke to us on camera about his work. We also met Sonia Bhamra (pictured left) who was exhbiting her Painting with light pieces in the store.

Speaking about the shop’s success, Created in Birmingham editor and store owner Chris Unitt explained, “We were only meant to be in for six weeks to start with but we’ve been here for three months now and they’ve got a paying tenant to move in, which was always part of the deal, so they’ve got someone to take over the space from us now.

“Secondly, we could do with a bit of a break to catch up with ourselves and take stock and see how this might be done again because everything’s been done on the hoof and we’ve been learning a lot as we’ve been going along so we could probably do with a little bit of a break.”

Asked about whether the store would be making a comeback, Chris didn’t rule out the idea.

“There seems to be a lot of people wanting it to happen so we need to talk to some people who can make it happen,” he said.

I Am Birmingham’s video of the CiB shop’s final day can be found here.


The CiB shop in Birmingham's Bullring
The CiB shop in the Bullring, Birmingham
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