The following poem about the city of Birmingham has been written by Rob Punton:

I like many
Do not originate
From Brum
But have made
It my home

The reason we make this
City our home
Is its
Sense of community
The richness of our diversity
All our differences
Help us paint
From a bright colourful palette
The jigsaw of our culture
Citizens of the world
Working and living in harmony

It makes my blood boil
When I hear media
Label us as the
City of Terrorism
That behind every front door
Lurks a fundamentalist murderer
They don’t live here
Have not made their lives here
They only want to strike fear
Within us
Divide us
Oppress us
Suppress us

When we stand together
Speak with one voice
In many languages
We are together
We are united
We are one
We are a city of harmony
A community of peace
We will not
Let you divide us

It does not matter
Who you are
Where you come from
Birmingham welcomes
You all
You are not what is
Wrong with our city
You are what is
Strong with our city


Robert Punton

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