More than 25 contestants have battled to reach the grand finals of Birmingham’s biggest drag lip-sync competition. 

Only 15 of the most iconic performers remain to battle to take first place in the annual Church of Yshee next weekend.

Entering its second year, the ‘singing’ competition has seen the most dynamic performers from the Birmingham drag scene pull together their best looks and craft stellar performances across several qualifying stages.

Queer icons from around the country have travelled to Birmingham to aid host Yshee Black in selecting the very best that Birmingham has to offer. With a cash prize of £1000 up for grabs, each of the top 15 finalists will have to go above and beyond in the hope of replicating the success of last year’s winner Mamma Mamba.

Host Yshee Black has held heats every Sunday to find the very best performers for the finalHandout
Host Yshee Black has held heats every Sunday to find the very best performers for the final

The grand finals will take place at on Sunday 2nd September at the Nightingale Club. Guest judges – Anna Phylactic, legendary Birmingham queen Ebony Kruger, London’s reigning ‘Miss Sink the Pink’ Grace Shush and current lip-sync 1000 winner Rhys’ Pieces – will decide which drag Queen or King slayed the stage and deserves to be crowed winner of the Church of Yshee 2018.

Yshee Black has revealed that this year’s contestants have “brought it” but the race has only just begun.

She explains: “[I’m] very proud of everyone who entered the heats and of everyone who stepped forward to share their passion, art and soul. It’s not easy and I’m proud of every single Queen, King and all those above and beyond.”

The top 15 drag artists through to the finals are:

  • Harley Hexxe
  • Jenna Davinci
  • Rii Rii Lepour
  • Christian Gay
  • Tanja McKenzie
  • Miss Faux
  • Jay Andre
  • Dahlia Rivers
  • Ashleigh Marc
  • Lilith
  • Big Dee
  • Flick De’Bean
  • Petite
  • Dominus Von Vexo
  • Eva Lution

The finals of the Church of Yshee takes place at 9pm on Sunday 2nd September, on the main stage at the Nightingale Club, Kent Street, Birmingham.  

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