Machine guns, machetes, samurai swords and bikes… these are just some of the finds from one families magnet fishing haul across the Midlands’ Canal network.

BBC Inside Out West Midlands presenter Ben Godfrey visited Warwickshire as part of this week’s programme to meet a family who’ve recovered some serious weaponry in the pursuit of relaxation, in the form of magnet fishing.

Watch the moment Marie Price pulls out one half of a shotgun from a Midlands canal: 

Magnet fishing is becoming really popular but after two people died this summer doing this hobby, the Canal and River Trust is urging people to stop putting their safety at risk.

And as more and more of these dangerous finds are emerging including grenades, families are being urged to stop fishing with super-strength magnets. And it’s not just guns that are resurfacing, machetes, samurai swords and even weapons involved in serious crimes have been dredged from the Midlands’ canals.

BBC Inside Out West Midlands continues on Monday 17th September at 7.30pm on BBC One. You can catch up on the BBC iPlayer.

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