An exciting live art event combining music, art and food comes to the Moseley School of Art this Sunday.

SoulFire Sundays is curated by Mohammed Ali, founder of Soul City Arts, and supported by Amal Foundation and Moseley Community Hub.

The special art event takes over the historic Moseley School of Art and will use live art, music, food, and conversation to engage and delight the audience.

The event aims to bring together families, young people, and the local communities and give artists centre stage.

Three invited artists will paint live on bespoke mini-stages. The audience will be invited to sit back and watch the works develop whilst enjoying some fresh curry from guest caterer Raja Monkey.

Background soundscapes will be provided by a resident DJ playing tracks from vinyl.

Soul City Arts
The resident DJ will play music from vinyl

The audience will have the opportunity to sketch and draw onto the tabletops, whilst the art goes on around them.

All materials for producing the art will be provided.

The public can also bring their own drawing materials if they wish.

The audience will have the opportunity to purchase art from the artists performing, including the art being made on the day. The artwork will be offered for sale at the end of the event.

SoulFire Sundays takes place in Moseley in Birmingham and aims to be held regularly for several weeksSoul City Arts
SoulFire Sundays takes place in Moseley in Birmingham and aims to be held regularly for several weeks

Artist line-up:

The following three artists will take part in this live art event on Sunday 2nd February.

Annatomix from Birmingham is a former musician and sound engineer. She began her career as an artist with a natural leaning toward geometry and traditional graphic design.

She creates symbolic, modernist works – inspired by philosophy, theology, mathematics and science fiction – and has become particularly well known for her large scale murals, distinctive polygonal animals and geometric patterns. Her tribute to David Bowie in Birmingham received a positive response.

Gav Renshaw (Tea One) is a Manchester street artist who possesses a raw talent and ability to combine realism with surrealism with both pencil and paint. He has a background in illustration and street-art.

Moustafa Hassan is an Arabic calligrapher based in London.

After an early career in stage design in Egypt, followed by two decades learning and mastering the art of Arabic calligraphy, Moustafa Hassan’s art reflects the chaos and disorder of the human mind, but brings the order and beauty of Arabic calligraphy. He also teaches calligraphy at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Soul City Arts
Soul Fire Sundays will take place every 6-8 weeks at the Moseley School of Art

SoulFire Sundays takes place on Sunday 2nd February between 1pm-4pm, at the Moseley School of Art, Moseley Road, Balsall Heath, B12 9AZ.

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