Small Heath residents were left in shock last night as a vehicle was engulfed in flames on a busy section of Coventry Road.

The dramatic incident, which took place shortly before 6pm on Thurday 26 November, was captured by local people and motorists on their mobile phones.

Footage circulating on social media shows a vehicle, identified by police as a Range Rover, blazing away at the junction of Coventry Road and Henshaw Road.

According to eyewitnesses, the vehicle was off the road and was stationary outside the branches of eateries Chaiiwala and Pepe’s Piri Piri. The fire was intense with smoke billowing out from the top of the burning vehicle, but the driver managed to get out of the car safely according to details released by West Midlands Fire Service.

The vehicle allegedly suffered ‘electrical issues’ which ignited the fire

Local residents stood at a safe distance due to the heat of the fire and watched with horror as the Range Rover was reduced to a metal shell. The owner of the vehicle remained at the scene as emergency services were alerted.

West Midlands Fire Service promptly arrived at the scene at around 6:10pm and fire fighters began the task of making the location safe before tackling the blaze.

Small Heath residents watch in horror as the vehicle burns in Coventry Road

A West Midlands Fire Service spokesperson, said: “First call came into us at 6.03pm. It was a Range Rover on fire on the Coventry Road believed to have been accidental ignition due to an electrical fault.

“The owner of the vehicle was there throughout. Police were there for traffic management because it’s such a busy road.

“Two breathing apparatus and a house real were in use. We sent one crew which arrived at 6.10pm and left at 7.20pm.”

The vehicle was ablaze outside branches of Pepe’s and Chaiiwala

West Midlands Police arrived at the scene to control the flow of traffic at the scene as motorists began to slow down at the scene to film the shocking scene.

I Am Birmingham contacted West Midlands Police for further details and were told that “no injuries” were reported, and the fire “looks to have been accidental”.

According to information provided by West Midlands Fire Service, it seems the fire was sparked by an “electrical fault” with the Range Rover.

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