Within hours of a crackdown against dangerous and antisocial drivers going into operation the police have collared 23 drivers.

Operation Triton – which combats the threat posed by reckless drivers – came into effect on Monday 7 August and within hours drivers had been caught zooming through red lights, having illegal window tints, drug driving, racing, using mobile phones, no vehicle insurance, and children not wearing seatbelts. 

The police campaign, which follows a summit about road safety issues in the region, carries a powerful message: dangerous driving has devastating consequences.

Police crackdown on speeding drivers in the West MidlandsWMP
Police crackdown on dangerous and speeding drivers after recent deaths and injuries

In the past weeks, communities have been rocked by fatal road collisions that have snatched lives – including children – and inflicted serious injuries, all due to reckless behaviour behind the wheel. Police have reached a “breaking point” and say “enough is enough” as officers swoop across the region – day and night – in the hunt for lawless drivers and bikers who blight communities.

Police have hailed the crackdown against dangerous drivers and racers as a “call to arms” and anyone caught violating road safety laws will face severe punishments which includes a prison sentence, a hefty fine and the confiscation of cars and motorcycles belonging to those found breaking the law.

Within hours of the operation being launched in Birmingham, police teams caught 23 drivers violating road safety laws. All of the drivers who were apprehended will be prosecuted, say police .

The police operation has resulted in cars being seizedWMP
The police operation has resulted in cars being seized

A police spokesperson, said: “We’ve reached a tipping point, and it’s time to say enough is enough.

“Irresponsible actions have no place on our roads.

“Operation Triton stands as a united front against those who choose to ignore the rules, putting lives at risk.

“There will be no leniency for those who endanger lives through their actions and offenders will face strong consequences.

“Operation Triton is not just a campaign; it’s a call to arms for all responsible drivers and residents to join us in our mission to ensure that our roads are safe for everyone.”

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