A popular YouTuber has broadcast an epic rant on his online video channel tackling the subject of “too many foreigners”, Muslims and immigrants in Britain.

Jack Dean – aka JaackMaate – has laid into critics of immigrants, Muslims and “foreigners”, questioning the right-wing notion of “My Britain”, often used to justify xenophobic, Islamophobic and of racist views.

Introducing his 12-minute rant, Jack announces:

“You know, to be quite honest, I am actually quite pissed off with just how often I seem to be scrolling through Facebook and coming across the most ignorant posts I think I’ve ever seen!

“And some of these ignorant posts are being posted by people in my family, older relatives like aunties and uncles, ones that obviously I don’t see anymore, for obvious reasons.”

He continues his tirade by berating people who post and share misleading ‘fake news’ headlines, memes and click-bait created to demonise Muslims:

“I don’t know about you guys but I haven’t met, seen or heard of any Muslims actively trying to ban bacon. I am certain I have eaten pork multiple times front of Muslims banning on the Tube, in restaurants, on the train, loads of different places, and never once have one of them come up to me and said ‘Can you stop that!'”

The 25-year-old from Norwich also rolls out examples of all of the people from different countries who have played a vital role in is upbringing in Britain, as well as those who continue to do so, in response to xenophobes and in defence of a more diverse and multicultural United Kingdom.

Jack – who has presented and collaborated with Ricky Gervais and interviewed the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Leona Lewis – went on to explain that he had monetised the video rant and would be donating all proceeds to Show Racism the Red Card, the UK’s leading anti-racism educational charity.

Sir, we salute you!

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