The heartwarming story of how West Midlands Police officers made one 13-year-old girl’s Christmas come early, by reuniting her with her pet dog, will warm the cockles of your heart.

Here’s the moment a young girl was reunited with her beloved pet dog Bobby, after he was snatched from a secure family garden in Stourport last May when he was just six-months-old.

Thanks to a family Facebook appeal and the police force’s dogged determination, the Shih-Tzu/Westie cross was returned to 13-year-old Cerys by officers on Wednesday.

Cerys was devastated when her four-legged friend was snatched and the family set up a Facebook appeal and put up posters asking for information on the pup’s whereabouts, however six months on there had still been no word. The family even wrote to the Duchess of Cornwall who sent them a personal letter sympathising with their distress.

Then an organisation called ‘Dogs on the Street’ contacted West Midlands Police 10 days ago after receiving information that Bobby could be the same pooch seen with a beggar posing as a rough sleeper in Birmingham city centre.

Bobby the dog has been reunited with his teenage owner after being snatched from his home last MayWMP
Bobby the dog has been reunited with his teenage owner after being snatched from his home last May

Following up on the lead, officers out on patrol and partners from the Retail Bid, working with City Safe, kept an eye out for the puppy and he was found on Wednesday, a little overgrown and dirty, but healthy.

The officers wasted no time in ensuring that it was indeed Bobby, by checking his microchip, and then contacted Cerys’ family to arrange the reunion.

Cerys cried tears of joy as Bobby looked more than happy to be home as he greeted her and his two canine brothers.

Sergeant Julia Slater said: “In my 26 years police service it was one of the most rewarding moments ever.”

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