Expletive-laden graffti attacking new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appeared across Birmingham during his first visit to the city as premier.

Boris Johnson visited Birmingham on Friday (26 July) after making promises to employ 20,000 police officers.

The new prime minister spoke to police graduates during a visit to the Police Tally Ho training centre on Pershore Road.

However, his visit was also marked with controversial graffiti being daubed in several locations including Digbeth, which attacked the Prime Minister.

Rangzeb Hussain | I Am Birmingham
A Digbeth wall daubed with an anti-Boris slogan

Sprawled across a large black construction wall in the city, the words ‘FUCK BORIS RACIST PRICK’ stand two-feet high in bright neon pink.

The graphic graffiti has not been tagged so the identity of the street artist currently remains a mystery.

One passer-by, who wishes to remain anonymous, told I Am Birmingham:

“Yes, it’s graphic. But I understand the anger. I really do.

“Our country has been betrayed and the people are angry. The non-resolution of Brexit is dividing our country.

“That writing on the wall is a sign of the times.”

Rangzeb Hussain | I Am Birmingham
Slogans attacking the new prime minister have been spotted in Birmingham

Further into the city centre, another slogan displaying ‘YKES FUCK BORIS’ has appeared in Moor Street Queensway.

In this version, the ‘O’ in Boris’ name mockingly resembles a peace symbol.

The graffiti comes only a week after an anti Boris Johnson protest was held in Birmingham city centre.

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