Birmingham born comedian Adil Ray has shared a heartfelt video message on social media as Ramadan comes to a close and families begin to prepare for Eid celebrations during the coronavirus lockdown.

A number of British Muslim celebrities from the world of sport, comedy, radio, cookery, and film took part in recording an inspirational message which highlighted the importance of community, well-being, and also safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

The video message was shared on Twitter by Adil Ray as the month of Ramadan comes to a close.

The special message encourages the Muslim community to continue to work together in the battle against the indiscriminate and ruthless coronavirus pandemic by spending Eid at home with loved ones and thinking of others.

He said, “This year we can stay at home and give consideration to others.

“What a wonderful Eid gift that would be.”

Nadiya Hussain hopes people will "put others first" during EidBBC
Nadiya Hussain hopes people will “put others first” during Eid

During this holy month Muslims observe a fast each day from dawn to dusk. No food or drink is allowed and people are encouraged to reflect upon the deeper spiritual significance of existence, including the remembrance of those who have little in the way of sustenance in their daily lives.

Acts of kindness and charity become a focal point as does interactions with fellow human beings.

The journey through Ramadan is meant to strengthen the body and soul, and to bring humility and gratitude for the things the people often take for granted in life.

This year, with the coronavirus pandemic raging across the world, Ramadan took on a different aspect.

People were no longer able to go to mosques for their evening prayers, families were not able to visit and share food together, and the loss of loved ones to coronavirus took a terrible toll on the community spirit.

Helping the elderly and the vulnerable was part of Saqlain Mushtaq's messageRangzeb Hussain | I Am Birmingham
Helping the elderly and the vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic is Saqlain Mushtaq’s Eid message

The special video message being shared on Twitter by Ray encourages people to celebrate Eid and observe the government’s coronavirus guidelines during a difficult and testing period for all humanity.

BBC chef and winner of The Great British Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain, said, “As we enter the final days of Ramadan and begin the auspicious festival of Eid al-Fitr, now could not be a better time to put others first.”

Comedian Abdullah Afzal at a charity event with councillor Mariam Khan before the lockdownAdam Yosef
Comedian Abdullah Afzal at a charity event with councillor Mariam Khan before the lockdown

Cricketing coach Azhar Mahmood agrees with Nadiya and added, “Helping those around us is the ultimate purpose of charity.”

The theme of helping others and working together is a core part of the Islamic faith.

BBC presenter and activist Mehreen Baig feels that unity is paramount in battling against coronavirus.

She said, “We must continue to work together and fight the coronavirus pandemic.”

Mehreen Baig wants people to work together to fight coronavirusBBC
Mehreen Baig wants people to work together to fight coronavirus

Actor and Comedian Abdullah Afzal, from ‘Citizen Khan’, underlined the government’s guidelines about social gatherings and he asked people to “spend Eid with our immediate families at home”.

The social gathering rule was picked up by journalist and presenter Rageh Omaar.

He said, “This Eid, it’s not permissible to congregate in large groups, including praying at mosques and parks.”

He made a plea for worshipers to offer up their Eid prayers at home with their immediate family members and to stay safe.

Rageh Omaar urged people to pray at home during EidMike Massaro
Rageh Omaar hopes worshippers will pray at home during Eid and keep safe during the coronavirus pandemic

Lawyer and former Chief Crown Prosecutor, Nazir Afzal, urged people to use technology such as mobile phones to video call loved ones during Eid and thereby keep coronavirus at bay.

Former Blue Peter presenter, Konnie Huq, said, “By following the guidance we are helping to protect not just ourselves, but also our families.”

BBC Asian Network presenter Noreen Khan repeated the essential coronavirus safety mantra of washing hands and observing social distancing.

Cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq reached out to the community to continue the good work and ‘protect the elderly and vulnerable’ who have been hit particularly hard by coronavirus.

The British Muslim community will welcome this positive video after the disturbing media narrative which tries to link Muslims to the spread of coronavirus.

Some of the these fake stories, including videos, have gone viral on Neo-Nazi and Far-Right groups such as the EDL and Britain First.

Konnie Huq said 'when we help others we help our families'Jonathan Shalit
Konnie Huq urges people to continue adhering to guidelines and stay protected during Eid celebrations

Adil Ray is hoping when the darkness and paranoia of coronavirus is over there will be a time for reflection and a coming together of the communities.

His life is an example of a diverse set of communities uniting to form a unique experience. His mother Nargis, who was born in Kenya, arrived in Britain during the 1960s. She married a Pakistani labourer and their son Adil was born in the Yardley Wood area of Birmingham.

Ray describes himself as “a mix of Pakistani, African, Muslim and Brummie.”

He added, “I feel lucky that Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan and England are all of my house.

“It’s a reminder that you really don’t know who you are until you find out what you were.

“Eid Mubarak.”

WATCH: Special Eid video message

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