A young woman who was filmed being grabbed and forced into a car on Sunday night has been found safe and sound, say police.

The West Midlands Police appeal to trace the victim has resulted in a 17-year-old woman coming forward at a police station with her mother to confirm she is safe and well.

After a shocking clip showing the young woman being bundled into a car by a man in Golden Hillock Road on Sunday (November 7) went viral, police have today confirmed that the teenager is in no danger.

Police have released daschcam footage of what appears to be a kidnap in progressWMP
The shocking moment when the teenage girl was bundled into a car in Small Heath

Police were initially worried the teenager had been forced into the car against her will and may have come to harm, as initial reports suggested a possible ‘kidnapping’.

However, a police spokesperson confirmed “there were no sinister motives behind the men in the car” and no charges would be brought against them.

Detectives will continue to make some follow-up enquiries and will be referring the girl to support services.

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