Dramatic scenes tonight in the Bordesley Green area of Birmingham after a car crashed into the side of a pub and broke through into the building. 

The car ploughed into Shannon’s public house on the corner of Norwood Road and Bordesley Green at approximately 11:30pm (6 June), according to an eyewitness at the scene.

The accident has left local residents in Bordesley Green shocked and disturbed after the vehicle struck the pub walls.

Two "bloodied" females were removed from the car by paramedicsAli Akbar
Two “bloodied” females were removed from the car after the shocking crash

The car, a red Fiat 500, was photographed wedged tightly inside a window within a wall facing Norwood Road.

Two females – who appeared “bloodied” according to an eyewitness at the scene – were removed from the vehicle and transferred to an ambulance and taken to hospital.

Fortunately, the pub was closed for the night when the incident took place and the landlord was called in to open up the establishment, allowing access to emergency services.

West Midlands Fire Service crews stated it was a “miracle” nobody had been killed in the accident.

Two fire crews, police and paramedics were at the scene of the horrific crashAli Akbar
Two fire crews, police and paramedics were at the scene of the horrific crash

Explaining the possible cause of the shocking car crash, a spokesperson for West Midlands Fire Service said:

“We often attend incidents where a slight change in circumstances such as direction or time, could’ve resulted in tragedy.

“This RTC in Bordesley Green today was one of those.”

The area surrounding the site of the crash was sealed off by police and traffic diverted away as crowds of bystanders began to converge around the scene.

By around 3am, the car was finally extracted from the pub  by fire fighters and removed from the scene.

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