A heartbroken mother whose only son was tragically killed in a knife attack by a teenager is fronting a new anti-knife campaign.

Sarah Barry has spoken about the horror and trauma caused by knife crime after her son died following a brutal knife attack last year.

Mrs Barry agreed to front the new Life or Knife campaign which is designed to combat and warn of the dangers of knife crime.

Mrs Barry son Jack, aged 19, was discovered with injuries in West Road, Hamstead, Birmingham, on 7 March 2021 and sadly died at the scene just days after celebrating his birthday.

Shockingly, Jack’s killer was also a teenager. Cameron Cheshire, aged 18, was found guilty of murder and possessing a bladed article (a Rambo knife) and was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Mrs Barry was devastated by the loss of her son and bravely spoke out about the horror. She hopes by sharing her experience it will make people think about the devastating impact of knife crime.

She said she was alarmed and “ashamed” to find out that her son was also in possession of a knife.

Mrs Barry had to deal with the tragic news of the death of her soon, identify his body and sit through a court trial. Not long after she courageously expressed an interest in sharing her and Jack’s story and is now fronting the latest campaign by West Midlands Police to tackle violence on the streets of Birmingham.

Mrs Barry explained that “Jack died from a knife fight – just a chance encounter with someone he’d fallen out with over a disagreement – both parties were carrying knives and there was only one blow from each of them.

Jack Barry was stabbed to death days after celebrating his 19th birthday WMP
Jack Barry was stabbed to death days after celebrating his 19th birthday

Mrs Barry spoke about the shocking knife attack: “The terrifying incident took no more than 30-60 seconds but Jack was fatally injured and died from a single stab wound to the chest. It hit him two inches above his left nipple – the blade (a Rambo knife) broke a rib, punctured his lung and hit his heart – he took two steps and then dropped to the floor, and died where he fell.

“It was very quick, and he bled out on the pavement, no one could help him and lots of people tried, two local ladies and his friends did CPR until an ambulance arrived, his mates were going mad, ringing doorbells trying to get him some help, none of them knew this was his last day on earth.

“His closest friend held him until he faded away and he must live with that memory for the rest of his life.”

Mrs Barry’s story will be shared widely across social media platforms and will also be available as a source for schools in a bid to highlight the dangers of carrying a knife.

“Carrying a knife doesn’t protect you, knives kill you and nothing comes back from death, it only takes a moment to die,” said Mrs Barry.

“You have your whole lives in front of you. Live it in whatever way you choose, work hard, and try and stay out of trouble.”

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