A Birmingham mosque is getting ready to host two mega Eid al-Fitr celebrations as the Muslim community prepares to mark the end of Ramadan later this month.

Small Heath Park and Edgbaston Stadium are the locations selected by organisers Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre for the two Eid al-Fitr events which are expected to attract thousands of people from around the country.

As Birmingham’s Muslim community braces itself for the end of the month of fasting – known as Ramadan – and looking ahead to Eid al-Fitr on either Friday 21 April or Saturday 22 April, depending on the sighting of the crescent moon, preparations are underway to host prayers at two locations to usher in a community day of celebrations and fun.

Green Lane Masjid has announced plans to host Eid prayers including family festivities and distributing food parcels to people struggling with poverty and the cost of living crisis.

The annual prayer in Small Heath Park draws massive crowds and is now one of the biggest outdoor Eid events in Europe that attracts over 100,000 worshippers.

Eid al-Fitr prayers will be held in Small Heath Park as Ramadan comes to a closeRangzeb Hussain
Eid al-Fitr prayers will be held in Small Heath Park as Ramadan comes to a close

The inner-city park will be prepared ahead of the Eid al-Fitr prayer for all-day celebrations including the family popular Robert Wilkinson funfair, stalls, speeches and special children’s activities.

The organisers said the celebration events are open to all communities and everyone is welcome to attend and take part, observe, or enjoy the festivities.

Mohammed Saeed, Chair of Trustees at Green Lane Masjid, said: “Eid ul Fitr is one of the two major annual celebrations for the Muslim community, where we come together to celebrate the end of Ramadan, after a whole month of fasting.

“Eid is a time for the community to worship together, be thankful and spend time with family.”

Muslims celebrate Eid at Small Heath Park in BirminghamAdam Yosef
Lots of fun family activities are planned for the Eid festivities including a fun fair and food stalls

Organisers of the prayer in the park event, added: “Eid at Small Heath Park will be held with an expected turnout of thousands. People are expected to arrive from 8am with the prayer performed promptly at 9.30am.”

In the event of wet weather there are contingency plans for indoors prayers at Green Lane Masjid which will host four prayers from 7am to 10am.

Officials have also confirmed that due to the numbers of people expected for the Eid prayers another prayer gathering will be held at Edgbaston Stadium.

Last year’s event at the cricket ground proved very popular and was fully booked within a short period of time. The event saw families enjoying fun activities, including cricket coaching for children.

To mark the end of Ramadan, and in keeping with the theme of charity – which is a key pillar of the Islamic faith –  volunteers at Green Lane Masjid will be delivering food parcels to poor and vulnerable people on Wednesday 19 April.

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