The organiser of a free public Eid arts event taking place this Sunday in Birmingham hopes to use the platform to bring together people of all backgrounds and promote community spirit during “polarised” times.

Eid in Kings Heath will take place outside All Saints Church in Vicarage Road on Sunday 2 July between 12-6pm.

After the shocking attacks against elderly Muslim worshippers in Birmingham, including one horrifying attack in Kings Heath which hospitalised a 73-year-old Muslim grandfather, a free public arts event is taking place to unite people and promote peace and understanding.

Eid in Kings Heath invites everyone of all faiths and background to join in and celebrate the Islamic festival of Eid in the All Saints Square.

The event will take place on the corner of Vicarage Road and Kings Heath High Street outside All Saints ChurchSoul City Arts
The event will take place on the corner of Vicarage Road and High Street outside All Saints Church in Kings Heath

The organiser is hoping the free public event will “inject something new and fresh to local communities, to uplift, to support and trigger people into action” and galvanise people to reach out to neighbours and strengthen community spirit.

Neighbours, residents and families from across the city are invited to gather at the free immersive arts event and forge new friendships, enjoy great art, see staged performances which are programmed throughout the day, as well as experience some of the local Kings Heath food vendors gathered from the local area and beyond.

The event is headlined by a creative arts and performance programme including the return of Soul City Arts groundbreaking Soul Fire Sundays live visual art installations, where live-painters will be making their art throughout the day for the public to view and observe.

SoulFire Sundays takes place in Moseley in Birmingham and aims to be held regularly for several weeksSoul City Arts
Soul Fire Sunday events use art and live performances to promote unity and harmony in the community

Curated and presented by Soul City Arts in conjunction with Kings Heath BID with the support of All Saints Church and Birmingham City Council, the event will be the first public Eid event to take place outdoors on the Kings Heath High Street.

The aim is to host a free public event and attract people from the diverse communities of Birmingham and restore hope and unity after the recent Islamophobic attacks which sent shockwaves around the UK.

Speaking to I Am Birmingham, the artistic director of Soul City Arts explained the background to Sunday’s event.

Aerosol Arabic street artist Mohammed Ali MBE is the creator and curator of The Hubb in BirminghamChelone Wolf
Artist Mohammed Ali, artistic director of Soul City Arts, is the curator of the Eid in Kings Heath event

Mohammed Ali, said: “Our cities don’t really provide enough spaces for people of all background to come together, so we have to create these spaces ourselves.

“Our faith celebrations can and should be celebrated with the wider community regardless of their background.

“What I am interested in, is using my skills to inject something new and fresh to local communities, to uplift, to support and trigger people into action.

“One of those issues is the polarisation of our communities – people remaining in their silos and barriers we place amongst ourselves that separate us from one another.”

The Eid event will use art to inspire attendees and promote community cohesionSoul City Arts
The free Eid in Kings Heath arts events is open to people from all backgrounds

Ali, who is also known for his street art murals that throw a spotlight on social and political themes close to his heart, is hoping to use art to inspire people during the Eid in Kings Heath event: “With any of my productions, be it my murals, theatre shows, films and art installations – I always strive to create something cinematic and ‘experimental’.

“The same applies here for an Eid party in my local square. If we are representing our communities and their voices I always say go big or go home. No place for mediocrity here.

“We are serious about social and community change, and will give our heart and soul towards it.”

The free event takes place on Sunday 2 July, 12-6pm on the corner of Vicarage Road and High Street, Kings Heath, in front of the All Saints Church.

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