Iconic British satirical comedy programme Spitting Image is making a comeback, twenty-three years after it was last broadcast.

The puppet-based satire is returning to old and new audiences, this time taking on global figures including Trump, Putin and Zuckerberg.

Watched by around 15 million people on a weekly basis at its peak in the 1980s, the show was cancelled after over a decade of entertaining the British public as audiences began to slump.

Yet, show co-creator Roger Law is bringing the groundbreaking comedy back to deal with a political world an constant flux and chaos. According to The Guardian, the new version will feature “an S&M-clad Vladimir Putin, Meghan Markle wearing a glittery ‘princess’ T-shirt and a puppet of Donald Trump whose tweets are composed by his anus”.

Spitting Image Margaret ThatcherPhotograph: Avalon/Mark Harrison
Margaret Thatcher’s representation on the original show was a ratings winner

A broadcast date hasn’t yet been confirmed, but here’s a first-look at some of the new Spitting Image puppets:

#1  Vladmir Putin

Spitting Image 2019 Vladmir PutinPhotograph: Avalon/Mark Harrison

#2  Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

Spitting Image 2019 Meghan Markle and Prince HarryPhotograph: Avalon/Mark Harrison

#3  Mark Zuckerberg 

Spitting Image 2019 Vladmir PutinPhotograph: Avalon/Mark Harrison

#4  Donald Trump

Spitting Image 2019 Donald TrumpPhotograph: Avalon/Mark Harrison
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