A far-right white supremacist from Solihull who kept an unlicensed shotgun has been jailed today for stirring up hatred against the Jewish and LGBTQ+ communities.

Richard Osborne, 53, from Marston Green, received a three year and 10 months sentence after he admitted to two counts of publishing material intended to provoke racial hatred and homophobia.

Osborne was a supporter of a far-right banned terrorism group and shared material via social media which strongly indicated his support of white supremacy and neo-Nazi views.

The white supremacist shared extreme views that attacked Jewish people, and posted content that incited hatred on sexual orientation grounds. Orborne also shared the flag of banned neo-Nazi group National Action.

Following his arrest, Orborne’s property was searched. A shotgun was found under a bed and he was charged with possession without a license.

The flag of banned neo-Nazi group National Action was shared on social media by OsborneWMP
The flag of banned neo-Nazi group National Action was shared on social media by Osborne

A baton was found in his car which had been adapted from a metal bar and Osborne was charged with possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.

He pleaded guilty to all the offences at a court appearance last month (12 May).

Detective Superintendent Anastasia Miller, from Counter-Terrorism Police West Midlands, said: “By pleading guilty, Osborne admitted he held extreme far right views and through our investigation we were able to provide clear evidence he supported white supremacists as well as a proscribed far right group banned by the Government.

“Someone who holds extreme views against those that don’t look like him or hold the same views is not welcome in our society.

“Today’s sentence should be a clear message to those who intend to spread hate and terror, we will continue to work with partners and the CPS to protect our communities by pursuing and prosecuting such individuals.

“We work tirelessly to counter terrorism. Our absolute priority is to ensure the safety and security of the people who live, work and visit the West Midlands area.”

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